Thank you for your enquiry and welcome to The Shaolin Kung Fu Institute.

We invite you to participate in a free class any day of the week (excluding Sundays). 
Wear comfortable track suit pants and a t-shirt, no shoes are required for the first class. You will be able to experience what a class entails as an active participant. After the class one of the instructors or the Sifu will make themselves available and answer any questions you have and enquire on what you are looking to achieve. With this information you can make an informed decision as to whether you wish to join the school. 

More information can be found to the left on which styles are taught at the school as well as which weapons. 

Once you have had an interview with an instructor at the school and you decide to return and formally join the school, you will require the information below.

The first month’s fee is payable BEFORE you begin classes, no exceptions are made.  You may pay the first month’s fee directly to the office for convenience sake, but thereafter ALL fees and future payments must be paid directly into our bank account, BEFORE the 1st of each new month .this is best done via scheduled payments available through electronic banking. The banking details can be found below. 

You will be provided with a copy of our membership form which your guardian/parent needs to complete and sign.  The document with the original signature needs to be handed in at the office on the day you choose to begin training, along with proof of payment of the monthly fees.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Kind Regards
Master Luke Lee Skywalker (Sifu) – Director

Contact Numbers: Sifu - 082 690 8981

Bank Details:

Bank: First National Bank
Branch: Rondebosch
Branch Number: 201509
Account Number: 62024202864





Kung Fu:

Monday – Friday

17H30 to 20H30



09H00 to 11H00

15H00 to 16H30

Fees: Monthly

R650-00 Per Month

Payable By Debit order only
Fees: Registration With Association  R650  Payable once only and before official  Pai Shih Ceremony (after 1st 3 months)
 FEES:  Annual Notes  R50  Payable annually (after 1st 3 months)
 Training Gear: (1st 3 months only)  Plain Black Track Pants
 Plain White (or any colour) T-shirt – no vulgar slogans
Before Pai Shih
2 classes per week minimum; After first grade – minimum 3 classes per week
 You are expected to attend the required minimum number of classes per week. This is in alignment with curriculum criteria as grading takes place approximately every quarter.  You are expected to inform Sifu if you are late for class or if you are not attending.
You may choose to attend as many classes as you wish.