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Taijiquan or Tai Chi Chuan which is the alternate spelling, is a vital part of Chinese Medicine...

Introducing Tai Chi Chuan…

Drawing in / Experience – YIN – WU CHI e.g. Ball
Pushing out / Expression – YANG – TAI CHI e.g. parting Wild Horses Mane
(WU CHI = void which begins all things but becomes an expression of itself)

For example: 

Coming into Chat Mah = WU CHI;
Opening lifting and lowering = TAI CHI Ball = WU CHI
Need to find the balance between the two.
Experience – receive energy from the Universe. Pointless unless it goes somewhere. Needs to be honoured by Expression. 

Tai Chi is an accurate reflection of the natural order of things. As we draw current into the body, value is seen as it moves through the body. Previously its value had been in potential only. E.g., Hoarding money. It has no value if one dies. Pure potential never realised. The other extreme; if one fails to value the experience at all, just spend it, bleed it away. Real value exists when both are honoured. Most important aspect is to honour the Wu Chi, otherwise expression is disempowered.
Balance and moderation is vital, if an aspect is out of balance the whole is ill.

Tai Chi as a vital part of Chinese Medicine: Look at the overall picture and develop sense of balance/imbalance. Martial Art – as much an art as a discipline. Need to align with the natural flow of things to perceive harmony and disharmony. Need to develop both intuitive and rational aspects of self.

Appears that life has no agenda, no forgiveness. (Taoists don’t define source, steer away from it). Life is offered for all. Therefore, all have value and an equal right to life / all hold unique position within it. We as humans are not above or outside natural law. We may be seen as stewards, but natural law applies to us as to any other being. Unlike other religions of separation.

Tai chi is a pure expression of the philosophy of alignment. Of honouring all aspects of life equally. Receive value on so many levels through the practice that is life enhancing. Most powerful idea – that of bringing the current of life through the body thus allowing the body to become a perfect instrument, not just in an intellectual, nor just physical, but in a balanced way.

Circle: honour the life current.

The name Tai Chi Chuan is taken from Taoism. The Tai Chi (The supreme Ultimate) is a symbol of the eternal Tao. It is a circle containing one Yin and one Yang harmoniously interconnected. It signifies everything in creation which is manifested and the duality that is contained in all.

Nothing is purely light or dark, good or bad in the cosmos. The Yin and Yang are balanced and complement each other perfectly. One cannot exist without the other. Furthermore, they are continually moving and changing. A basic tenet of Taoism states that the Tao cannot be defined. “The Tao that can be spoken of is not the eternal Tao.” To truly understand Tao one has to experience it directly.

The I CHING states:

” This ultimate meaning of Tao is the spirit, the Divine, the Unfathomable which must be revered in silence.”

We may use words like Way, Spirit, Truth, Ultimate Reality or God to approximate Tao. Tao translated as The Way refers to the Cosmic Way of the Universe, the order of Nature. This original, unfathomable Tao was eternally formless and unmanifested, yet complete and perfect. It is called ONE. From itself it brought for the entire Cosmos and thus it manifested. With the creation of the Cosmos, this oneness (Tao) became dualistic. This dualism is termed Tai Chi – Yin and Yang. It is dualism because it is now individu8alised and therefore separate from the original Tao. The instant it became manifest it cast its own shadow and its complimentary opposite also took form.

In all things that exist there is Yin and Yang, form and essence. That which is outer and can be felt, seen etc is form. That which is contained is essence. Our body is form, the invisible Essence, Tao took form, Yin and Yang were created: Body and Soul, matter and spirit were also made.

Original essence, Tao, has no manifested form. It is called the Great Void, Nothingness. This is called Wu Chi. But this Void is capable of giving birth to all forms in Creation and all of Creation carries its Essence somewhere in itself. Tai Chi, the Primal Creation is therefore Tao with form. 

Applying these concepts to the movements:

Drawing in – Experience – Yin = Wu Chi e.g. Ball
Pushing out – Expression – Yang = Tai Chi e.g. Parting Wild Horses Mane
Chat Mah = Wu Chi
Lifting and Lowering = Tai Chi
One needs to find the balance between the 2.
Wu Chi – Experience – we receive energy from the Universe.
Tai Chi – we need to honour that experience through Expression:
Otherwise value exists in potential only. Emphasise the Wu Chi otherwise Expression is disempowered. 

Shaolin Kung Fu Institute of South Africa
The Shaolin Kung Fu Institute of South Africa was founded in 1998 by Master Luke Lee Skywalker (Sifu) with the sole purpose of teaching Chinese health and fitness principles as a means to attain enlightenment. The school operates from its location in Table View in Cape Town, and is open to anyone wanting to learn the art of Shaolin Kung Fu.

Address: 113 Circle Road, Table View, Cape Town, 7441

Master Luke Lee Skywalker (Sifu): 
+27 82 690 8981
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