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Welcome to the Shaolin Kung Fu Instutute of South Africas (SKISA) website. Here you will find information regarding the school and about the philisophies and heritage that is the Shaolin Arts.

"Many people rightly believe that Shaolin Kung fu is the greatest martial art in the world. This claim, which devotees of other styles may vehemently dispute, can be substantiated from many angles. Historically, Shaolin Kung fu is the most senior martial art in the world, with a continuous history of more than 3000 years, while some martial arts have barely 100 years. From the perspective of technique, Shaolin Kungfu contains virtually all the techniques found in all the world’s martial arts: all the punches in karate, all the kicks in taekwondo, all the throws in judo, all the locks in aikido, all the holds in wrestling, all the jabs and hooks in Western boxing, all the elbow and knee strikes in Siamese boxing, all the subtle twists and turns in Malay silat. Its range of weapons, totally absent in some modern martial arts is bewildering.

Wong Kiew Kit (Sifu)"