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  • To uphold and cultivate Wu Te – martial virtue and chivalry.
  • To neither arbitrarily engage in a fight nor use one’s skills to intimidate others.
  • To not engage oneself in needless arguments.
  • To neither defame nor belittle others.
  • To be humble and modest.
  • To learn to endure, forbear all hardships and control one’s anger and emotions.
  • To, by one’s example, bring honour and respect to martial arts.


The philosophy and practice of Wushu, Taijiquan and Qigong brings a greater understanding of the Tao (the “way”).
The magic of daily living enters one’s personal experience through this discipline.
Balance and harmony in the holistic body is achieved: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical merge when principle and process become one. Assisting in this unfolding process is the aim of our school.


Shaolin Ching Choong
This tells disciples that what they study is UNDILUTED, UNDISTORTED, and in both spirit and substance can be traced back directly to the SHAOLIN MONASTERY.
It is our HONOUR and our BLESSING to be able to claim such an UNIQUE HERITAGE.